Valuers of Real Property

We are also valuers of real property under our subsidiary company Cyrus Kariuki & Associates carrying out valuation around the country for Banks such as Standard Chartered Bank Ltd, KCB and Equity Bank Ltd among other financial institutions.

Cyrus Kariuki & Associates is a duly registered valuation firm in the Republic of Kenya.  The Lead Valuer is Mr. Cyrus Kariuki Kanyi, a licensed and registered valuer.

The firm undertakes valuations of real property in response to clients needs and for various purposes. Valuation work involves the process of carrying out accurate information showing the value of property, equipment or machinery which is a vital business requirement. Property valuations of all types of assets are conducted for all and various purposes and business needs.

These include valuations of land and buildings, furniture, fittings, equipment, plant and machinery. We carry out asset valuations for various purposes such as:

  • Bank/Mortgage assessment
  • Security bond
  • Sale or Disposal of asset
  • Purchase
  • Insurance
  • Rental Negotiations/Assessment


We also undertake Property Investment Assessments and Advisory services, which include:

  • Property cost and appraisals
  • Report and assessment on costs and continuing liabilities of retaining non-productive premises/property
  • Report and assessment on cash flow forecasts and projections


With a wealth of experience in the profession, we have undertaken large-scale property valuations with a clientele portfolio not limited to and including;

  • Thika Institute of Technology Kenya Limited (now Mt. Kenya University)
  • Supermarket chains such as Mathai Supermarkets
  • Diverse range of agricultural, residential and commercial properties across the country.

Cyrus Kariuki Kanyi BA (Land Economics) MISK, Registered Valuer

Zacharia M. Ndeti MA (Housing Administration), BA (Land Economics) MISK, Registered Valuer