Property Development Management

Consultancy, Management, Research and Analysis

Property Consultancy

Cornerstone Real Estate Ltd undertakes projects which include advising on the viability of proposed developments / redevelopments. The Company carries out viability assessment of proposed developments/redevelopments to advise potential clients on the economic soundness of their proposed plans of property development. We have so far undertaken consultancy and research on major real estate projects.

Project Management.

Upon approval of proposed development clients have entrusted us in conjunction with our architectural consultant as project managers. Clients have through trust channeled funds to the company to fully run the projects up to completion. In project management, financial statements and timely data are made available to our clients on a continuous basis and also upon immediate request and this has been made possible by our up-to-date systems of information.

Property Research and Market Analysis.

We undertake professional research study on historical property values and rentals in comparison to current values for consultation purposes especially on new property developments. We also conduct property market feasibility studies for any kind of proposed development.